Environmental Impact Assessment

Within the MARELITT Baltic project, we investigate the options for ecologically sound retrieval of derelict fishing gear (ALDFG), from the Baltic Sea. With the aim of identifying environmentally sound retrieval techniques, the ecological impacts of different retrieval methods on the marine environment have been analysed.

The major outcome of this study consists of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), conducted by WSP Sweden, of retrieval operation techniques on hard-substrate seafloor conditions, soft sediment environments as well as on wrecks. As a comparison, the results of the EIA are also discussed in relation to impacts caused by commercial bottom trawling methods used in the Baltic Sea. 

The final assessment report also includes a decision tree with recommendations for good
environmental practices that will serve as guidelines to achieve ecologically friendly retrieval
operations of ALDFG, with focus on the Baltic Sea.

The final goal of the EIA is to facilitate the decision on the ALDFG retrieval method in relation to
expected marine environmental impacts and locations for future retrieval operations.

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