Meet our speakers, day two


Gjermund Langedal, Fiskeridirektoratet Norway & CNO

Gjermund is educated in navigation, administration and fishery-related nutrition (interesting combination). He has a background as captain at larger fishing vessels.

For the last 15 years, he has worked with developing better and more sustainable fishing methods and fishing gear at the development section at the Directorate and Fisheries.

For the last 10 years he has also been responsible for the work relating to marine litter, including the role as project leader for the annual retrieval survey for lost fishing gears. This work has brought him into many projects, boards, workshops, symposiums. It also brought him into the role as project leader for Clean Nordic Oceans.

Gjermund says: “My background has given me skills to speak the fishermen's language and understand their point of view. This has open many doors and make it easier with a good dialogue in the marine litter challenge”.

Wouter-Jan Strietman, Wageningen Economic Research

Wouter Jan Strietman works at Wageningen Economic Research as an expert on fisheries, marine litter and the North Sea economy. His work is positioned on the interface between the (marine) environment, economy and society, often in multi-stakeholder environments and projects. Such projects are usually carried out in cooperation with fishermen, policymakers and NGO’s, both in the Netherlands and in the Arctic (e.g. or

WWF foto_Metta Wiese (2).JPG

Metta Wiese, Expert Ocean Management, WWF Sweden

The tide is turning, we have oceans of opportunities and possibilities, if we all work towards sustaining healthy oceans. With a multi-facetted background in advocacy and policy work from government, inter-parliamentary co-operation, partnerships, NGOs and the education sector, I firmly believe in cross-sectoral and transboundary corporation. Reflected in my work at WWF through amongst others engagement to drive a globally binding treaty for no plastics in nature, sustainable finance and strong advocacy to achieve an ecosystembased integrated ocean management. Together we can make it possible to drive and lead the transformative change we need for sustaining our blue planet.


Please reach out to Metta Wiese  or Kaare Winther Hansen if you like to use any of the material

Christina Dixon GGGI & World Animal Protection

Minna Epps is a marine biologist with almost 20 years of international environmental work focusing on marine and coastal resource management, ranging from field work in Madagascar to establish the first community managed marine protected area to policy work in Geneva.

She has worked for IUCN on a regional program to promote investment in coastal and marine ecosystems in the Indian Ocean, for UNEP on Fisheries Subsidies, Evaluating EU funded Fisheries Research projects at the European Commission, the World Trade Organization on fisheries sector analysis in the Indian Ocean. In 2011 she set up the regional office for the Marine Stewardship Council in Stockholm and two sub-offices working with stakeholders to establish the MSC fisheries certification program where she is the program Director today.

She holds a BSc in Marine and Freshwater Biology, an MSc in Environmental Technology, Global Policy and Environmental Change from Imperial College UK, Advanced Coastal Management, School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, US and the Environmental Leadership program at University of Berkeley, US. Minna has been a WWF Sweden Board of Directors member since 2016.


Maris Stulgis, European Commission, DG MARE

Maris Stulgis, policy officer for Maritime innovation, investments and knowledge, DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission. Dealing with Marine litter, skills in the blue economy, climate change since 1/1/2017
Education background: university level studies in fisheries research and fishing industry
Past experience: 10 years in Latvian national administration in charge of environmental protection and fisheries control policy development and implementation.
Since october 2005 - in DG Mare with various fisheries topics fisheries control policy development and implementation, development of new fisheries control technologies, fisheries data management

Joakim Odelberg, Global LUMIX Ambassador & Awarded Conservation Photographer, Filmer, Underwater, TV

It all started when Joakim had his first dive experience with a manta ray in Thailand, ” It was one of, if not the best experience I ever had, 45 lovely minutes with these gentle giants”, said Joakim. That 45 minute dive completely changed Joakim’s life and relationship to the ocean.

Today Joakim is one of the most contracted and respected photographers/ filmers/ underwater filmmakers in Sweden. His devotion to nature both on land and in the sea has reached beyond Swedish borders.